Frequently Asked Questions


Other agents reduce their commission, so why don't you reduce your commission?

  • When agents reduce their commission at the time of listing they are letting Sellers know that they are not strong negotiators and that the agent may not hold fast on the Seller's asking price.
  • I am a full service real estate professional, which includes negotiations, sales, marketing, advertising, promotion, transaction management, closing and customer service.
  • Negotiating is one of my key strengths.  I negotiate great deals for my clients.  They expect and receive expert negotiating skills beginning with the deal we make between ourselves.

What areas do you serve?

  • My Montana Real Estate License allows me to handle real estate and business transactions across the state.
  • I am able to negotiate real estate, and real property transactions.
  • I am able to negotiate the sale of a business only without its real estate. 

Do you work with relocations?

  • Yes, I have helped people move all over the country.
  • I have a vast network of professionals in other cities who I utilize when working with customers outside of Montana.

What is Megan's Law?

  • Megan's law is part of the Buy-Sell agreement and pertains the Montana violent and sexual offender registry.
  • Click here for more information.

What are the Montana Noxious Weed Laws?

  • Montana has statutes which apply to control of noxious and invasive plants.
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What fees do Buyer's pay? 

  • When represented in real estate transactions in Montana, the Buyer does not typically pay fees or commission.  Those are paid by the Seller.

Do you stay in touch with clients after the close?

  • I have a value added philosophy about my real estate business which means that I create life long relationships with my clients. 
  • Many times customers need access to my network of contractors, vendors and resources.  That access is also part of my value-added service I provide.

Where do I find information on area services?

  • Click here for Helena City Services.  
  • Click here for county services.
  • Click here for well log information.
  • Click here for ground water information.